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Get accurate specialist finance quotes for your clients in less than 60 seconds. Answer only the most relevant questions required to identify which loan and debt products your clients qualify for in principle.


miLoan broker is free to use and has no minimum monthly volume requirements. You can submit cases to the team with or without logging in. Why not try our guest account for 30 days.


End to end product support whenever you need it from your Personal Broker Manager. Get in touch via the web, email or by phone.


Commission is paid by BACS within 24 hours of the loan completing. The average commission paid per case is £1500.


Compare secured loan quotes from the UK’s leading lenders against alternative remortgage options. miLoan then tells you how much money you could save.


If a secured loan is cheaper, and in line with your TCF requirments, you’ll get the option to produce a Product Suitability Letter in a simple click which you can then email or print for your client and your file.